• Patricia Jean Fleming

28.02.2019 – Ace of Swords

Feeling the energy of new beginnings for Thursday.

Stay strong within your own beliefs (as long as you mean no harm to others).

This world is big enough for many things to exist side by side.

It is however, how we chose to experience this that is where we will find our challenges or peace.

As much as many who felt worthy stepped up to Excalibur and tried to withdraw it from the stone, there was only ever one Arthur capable of working with its power.

What are you being asked to step up to and own as your individual ‘power’ today?

We are all truly unique and many of us have been blinkered from change in a way, so that we can be more like others.

Do what is right for you, in your heart, urging you to find your soul purpose and shine brightly in this world.

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