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27.05.2020 – XIII Death [Phoenix Rising]

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: A day for endings today, and beginnings tomorrow with The Fool. Blessed these next two days with these major arcana energy, which is possible to last longer than the next two days.

There is a natural, what has been called a cycle, but is better described as a spiral of nature and life. Some people do not like change but that is a resistance to endorse change as a natural phenomenon. It is like trying to drive up a hill with brakes on, holding ourselves back.

The Phoenix visited me in my meditation tonight (Tuesday) or rather I was the Phoenix, rising up out of the ashes of the past. What is needing to be left behind in your life? Are you holding onto things that no longer serve you? Have you found a new way to live life having had experienced the last few months which have been quite different to anything we have known before? I have always loved this card for I can always see the positive in it, and with The Fool following on tomorrow we are set for another new step along the spiral of life.

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