• Patricia Jean Fleming

27.05.2019 – VI The Lovers (Reversed)

Monday: Do not allow a negative ‘suggested’ appearance of this card in reverse. Stay positive and see the learning that can be taken from this alternative proffering of the card ‘this way up’.

After a run of nine minor arcana cards, of which three were court cards and an ace for good measure, here today we have The Lovers reversed – sixth of the major arcana.

My feelings with this card today is one of a much deeper, more profound ‘coupling’ in whatever shape or form this takes within your current journey.

You may be wise to take the time to enjoy the journey of this situation rather than being carried away by the views and wants of others to look to the goal i.e. to eat the carrot that has been dangling from the stick that has led you to this day.

There is a greater sense of being content to journey on and not close of the way ahead with un-necessary ceremony.

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