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27.04.2019 – Ace of Cups

Saturday: What wonderful energy, two days running we have Ace cards.

Having ‘picked up the gauntlet’ from yesterday’s card, you step away from the energy of swords to the bountiful essence of cups.

What would it take to ‘fill your cup’? I.e. what is it you want for in this life?

A day to dream big, to take the time to envision your future.

Don’t get caught up in the details of it but consider what makes your heart sing and how you would like your life to be in the days ahead and beyond.

Do not constrain yourself with negative thoughts but only allow positivity to drive your dreams today. Why not you?

This is not about anyone else, only you, only you have the right to dream of what is right for you – not for family or friends; they have to dream for themselves.

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