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25.12.2021 Nine of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Staying with the flow of yesterday’s card we recognize that negative thinking does not serve us well. It is a downward spiral that does no one any good. It is of the mind, a process of allowing it to be that rumbles around our heads and digs in deep. The good news is that we can change it. Baby steps are always advisable or we find ourselves swinging up and down like a sea-saw.

This card asks us to get out of our heads, not through taking any substance but from our own fruition. Heart before mind, what would love do? Love would not let us hold ourselves in the destructive energy of despair and negative thinking. It would calm our nervous, restless energy and wrap us in its embrace. Today we are asked to put things into perspective, to see that there is a way forward out of any situation, but we have to want to do it.

We may feel that we have a reason to hold ourselves in negativity or grief because it is based on fact, but it is like a slow poison to our bodies and can shorten our lives. It can be a temporary situation but one that can consume us.

Astrologer Molly McCord tells us: ‘You may even have some intense fears creeping in as Venus RX [retrograde] connects with Pluto, which can feel like you’re moving through something AGAIN that you thought was complete and healed. Yet the major difference this time is that you are at a higher level of consciousness in yourself, which means you can see the ‘revisiting’ energies through a new lens.’ May this day find you in good company, good health and be in receipt of many festive blessings. Better days are coming.

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