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25.04.2020 – Page of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: The Pages are Messengers, they bring the beginning of something or change. With the Wands energy we are again taken into being creative.

Wands are fire signs while the Pages are Earth element. As fire can change the earth, how can you make sweeping changes in your life today or are you on a slow burn, smouldering until something is added to be the catalyst that propels you to ‘flare and flourish’.

There is a saying, ‘many a fine tune can be played on an old fiddle’. Would you be content with going over old ground or are you inspired to find your own ‘tune’.

It is known that not everyone will ‘have an ear’ for what you create but it doesn’t have to suit everybody. If you like it then you can guarantee others will like it but not everyone. So don’t be discouraged by someone being negative towards your creations, it just means it is not of their taste and that’s ok. They are not everyone. If it makes your heart sing then any other positive recognition is a bonus.

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