• Patricia Jean Fleming

25.01.2021 Ace of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: How lovely, what a great way to start the week with a helping hand from the Divine. What have you asked for help with that may be becoming possible for you today? Sometimes we have to wait a little longer so that all things can fall into place for everyone to get a win win result. The card is known as the cup of joy and it is about an offer or an opportunity that you want to manifest. Being a one it is also about new beginnings or a new phase in your life.

There could be signs of breakthroughs within emotional fulfilment and being ready to receive. It is about learning through positive ways and we have been receiving plenty of guidance on that one! This may also be about finding a love for self, being able to reach for the oxygen mask first, before assisting with others. Associated to the planet of love, Venus and in the water sign of Cancer. Love and emotion, now that is something we would all prefer to be positive. Are we open for love to come our way? Keep our eyes open too so that we are able to recognise it!

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