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25.01.2020 – Four of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: If you spend your day dabbling your fingers in the pond staring at your reflection then all you will receive is your face staring back at you.

We have to be open to receive and how will we know the right time to do something if we lose our self in ourselves?

Truth Well Told Tarot calls this card ‘the divine nudge card.’ Now is a time of being proactive and starting to action things. There is no doubt the energy of this is currently around us as all the planets are direct.

You don’t have to do it ‘all’ now, Rome was not built in a day!’ My Dad's favourite saying was ‘slow but sure’ and that feels good advice to heed today.

Don’t let the ideas slip through your fingers. Jot them down as they come into your knowing and keep the list around, read it each day and work on that which feels right. Bit by bit the mountain will move.

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