• Patricia Jean Fleming

24.12.2021 Five of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: As you may have gathered, I am a person that trusts fully in there being no such thing as coincidences – all things are connected. Last night, I had a night off. Actually I fell asleep watching the tv! However, during this time and feeling unable to write the card, I went straight to bed and had the best sleep ever – just what I needed. This morning, I was sent a video link to Ester Hicks and a message from Abraham about the attitude of gratitude. This card Chris, Minnow Pond, tarot reader on YouTube, calls the ‘stinking thinking’ card. What we think we draw to us. Frankly I didn’t want to read this last night because I was in a good space and didn’t want to lower my vibration. This morning I feel more able to work with it. I am in a bubble of love and gratitude for all I am and all that I have in my currently transient life. If we feel ourselves in lack, let us consider what we do not lack. We may have been rejected in some way, let us use that energy to redirect us onto a new path which is always better than the one we have been on; if we allow it to be. The Law of Attraction makes no judgment to whether we are in negative or positive energy; what we put out we always get back. Time to turn it around and see the good around us. Today in astrology we have planet Saturn squaring to Uranus. Heather Eland shares: ‘On the one hand, we might be feeling bored and frustrated with our current circumstances, craving MASSIVE change. On the other hand, we may block ourselves from making progress due to rigid adherence to dogmatic viewpoints, scientific thinking or adherence to mainstream, popular opinion.’ Use the power available to us by changing the way we think. Picture the massive change without worrying about how it happens. See ourselves living the life we want to live and if we can’t picture that, just feel into the good things of life that make us happy. Have a great day, we all deserve that, no question. https://www.astrologywithheather.com/

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