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24.12.2020 XII The Hanged Man

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: Our second major arcana card in as many days. Yesterday the 6th card, today the 12th and todays date, 24th (6) of the 12th! It is not just me that sees patterns in numbers, is it? The Hanged Man asks us to take a different look at what we perceive we are looking at and consider alternatives. If any card was to fit the year we have had then this sits well with it all. We have been ‘forced’ to see things differently as a new way of being has played out before us – outwith our control. We have had to learn to surrender to what is or be uncomfortable in the knowledge there are things in life that we have no control over. Rather than fight it, why not try and look at it differently and bring an ease of being into our lives while chaos reigns around us. This card is linked to the planet Neptune and water element. It is known to be the planet of dreams and illusions – what dreams are we having these nights? What do they mean to us?

It currently sits within the area of Pisces of which it rules and is therefore more powerful. With that energy it is important for us to be in our own power. Can we keep our head when all around us are losing theirs? [If – Rudyard Kipling]

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