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24.06.2022 Page of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: The Pages give us the energy of youthful enthusiasm and a ‘go for it’ spur or prod to move us on. They are the first of the court cards so are about new beginnings, new initiatives or projects. They bring us an invitation or an opportunity for us to know ourselves better. We are encouraged to engage with our youthful ambitions and to work hard with an intellectual pursuit. Today’s Page is the first of the suits and is the Free Spirit card. It is the energy of the Phoenix rising and an incoming energy from the cosmos. This Page is one of action, excitement, heart, passion, of starting something and of soul. Card of seeking material manifestation in creativity or work and of new adventure. The Pages of the Tarot are earth element while the Wands are fire. Linked to the planet Mercury which gives us communication and perception, rationalising and thinking energy. Mercury rules the earth sign of Virgo which brings us self-improvement, of improving our environment and helping others to improve self or a situation. It gives us the balanced traits of assisting, helping and organising, enhancing, improving and growing. Are we fired up today to embrace a new beginning of some kind?

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