• Patricia Jean Fleming

24.06.2020 – Three of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Stepping into two days of Wands energy with today the three. Threes have the attributes of something new happening, birth, growth and timely in its appearance as the new moon on Sunday is now becoming visible, the seed is sprouting. This card is allowing us to have an open view before us. To trust, maybe even stand at the leading edge of something new and dare to dream, focusing in line with our passion and joy of life/living. Have we done the work within and now we are looking out to see how the ‘new’ us will fit into the world? Do we feel something stirring in us like the sprouting of a new idea, new growth that is presenting itself to us?

Today we have the energy portrayed in this card as the Sun in Aries. Without the sun, we would have no life at all. Aries is fire energy and the ability to take things head on, step into that pioneering vibe with fiery courage. Sometimes we cannot see where the path is heading but unless we take that first step it will lead nowhere. Our choice!

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