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24.02.2022 King of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: King energy coming forward for us again today having visited us last Thursday but today in the Suit of Swords and therefore an air element. Kings are about authority, leadership and they are protectors. They bring us the fire element. Today I want to link this card to the planet Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, the last of the three fire element zodiac signs. Jupiter is about expansion and truth, about beliefs and confidence. Jupiter is currently with Neptune and the Sun in Pisces. Neptune is ruler of Pisces and the Sun is shining its light on both of these planets. Neptune is about oneness and inspiration, illusion, imagination and psychic sensitivity. These energies speak to me in that we have completed three of the four suits with the King of Swords. There is more to be learned and the suggestion for that comes from the energies of both planets Jupiter and Saturn with the traits of Pisces thrown in for good measure. Compassionate, humane, sensitive plus perceptive. The card is about how to speak our truth but we have to be perceptive and sensitive to others and also aware of the illusory information that is being used by less caring people in this world. The only true truths we understand is what we witness with our own eyes and ears directly, yet even then it could be an acted situation rather than a true one. How can we move ourselves out of this dichotomy? Let the air element work for us today to lift us into what we hold dear to our own life, and purpose in this life. Be in our own power, be our own leader and allow ourselves to do what is right for us in this current climate of uncertainty. Focusing on self fills us with energy to then be able to assist others when asked to do so.

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