• Patricia Jean Fleming

23.06.2020 – Eight of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: Saturn in Pisces is associated with the Eight of Cups while today we have the planet Neptune [who is the ruler of Pisces] turning retrograde while in Pisces. https://www.astrology.com/article/neptune-retrograde-2020 tells us that it: ‘can facilitate release from illusions of the past while engaging with rising inspiration that brings life to our imagination.’ Meanwhile, the Saturn element of this card is about limitations and restrictions.

We see the mermaid trying to shine the light out before her while diving in the depths of the murky water. She has either used up or spilled seven of her cups already which are assisting her in helping to ‘light her way’ and she holds onto the last one. In my book the cup is always half full and never half empty. When we engage the power of positivity it can help us to turn an imagined bad situation around to something a little more palatable. Try it, anything is better than being down in the doldrums!

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