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23.04.2019 – Ten of Pentacles

Tuesday: Love so many of these cards, this one lifts you up, tells you, you are supported as we head forward on our journey of discovery.

Too often we set our sights on our goals, whereas where we should be, i.e. focusing on the journey.

We may use the destination as a ‘carrot’ to get us there but it’s not all about ‘eating the carrot’, i.e. the goal at the end. We need to change our perception to see any ending as a new beginning.

We are all on a spiral of life, moving on and growing as we journey. If not, then we are stuck in an ever looping circle that does no one any good, re-living and re-experiencing the same old patterns.

Allow yourself to feel today the energy of support, to lift you off from any ‘stuckness’ onto your spiralling pathway.

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