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  • Patricia Jean Fleming

23.03.2019 – Six of Swords

Saturday: Allow yourself (or not/ the choice is yours) to be lifted on the wings of grace, to be taken to the best place for you in the present space and time of your lives journey.

Have you embraced the energy of not needing to be in control of all that is?

Can you feel the bigger energy of the universe knocking at your door and saying, ‘Hi, thanks for acknowledging me, I am here to help you, you don’t need to do everything alone, why struggle when our energy is here for you, only an ‘ask’ or a ‘prayer’ away.

Learning the path of faith and trust follows on from the letting go of fear and embracing love.

You can choose to have trust in the graceful energies or drop yourself back down among the swords and self-deprecating carrion crows huddled in misery waiting for the dead to feed off.

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