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22.12.2019 – Page of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: Third Page card to come out in the last eight days so be open to the messages coming through for you in whichever form they take; though being eight days, it could be with regard to something of continuum or infinity. I love it when I turn on the radio or when I walk into a café etc. and a song is playing that has meaning for me. Even writing up these cards I am supported along the way by receiving secondary information.

Are you choosing to listen to the messages coming your way or are you ignoring them? Is there a niggle of self-doubt that looks at the Page holding her full bowl and thinks – that’s not me?

If you think this then that is the energy you call forward. Are you frightened of the sharks swimming above? Let me say that they have no thoughts with regard to her – that is all in your mind. They are just going about their lives as is she.

Allow your cup to be full. Allow yourself to drink from this elixir of life that can be the wonderful place you want it to be!

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