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22.09.2021 IV The Emperor

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Wednesday: Humility is the word that comes to me with this card. Do not hold ourselves in ‘lofty’ positions, we are all ‘spiritual beings having a human existence’* Today at 20:21hours BST (GMT+1hr) we have the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring in the South. Tables are turning and it feels to be more than in our Earth’s yearly cycle! Heather Eland shares: ‘The Equinox this year brings an interesting energy with the Sun quickly moving into an exact conjunction with Mars in its detriment in the typically harmonious and level-headed sign of Libra!’. . . With Saturn in the mix, a slow-and-steady pace and loads of self-discipline are the key to remaining balanced and keeping the peace. This is a great indication for making lots of powerful but measured and sustained progress on all that we have left to wrap up and accomplish through the remainder of the solar year.’ Today’s card is linked to Mars as it is said that the Emperor channels its energy. He is strategic, a visionary. He takes the initiative on how to bring expansion, structure and success into life.

No one controls the Emperor, he stands in his own power as we are all capable of doing.

This is self power, not power over others. It is about bringing ourselves security and stability. The IV (4) is about foundations. Today we are asked again to trust our intuition, to bring growth and solidity into our lives. We may not be living in settled times but we can find a place of peace within ourselves if we allow it to be so. Be our own Emperor today. He brings us Fatherly advice and protective energy so we can be strong in the energy of our direction and/or plan. *part Quote from French philosopher, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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