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22.06.2020 – Knight of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: Are we ready to set off on yet another journey in this life we are living?

To be honest, every second of every minute gives us that prospect, but it is more likely to occur at set points in life like in the current energy of yesterday’s eclipse and new moon.

What is it that we really want to bring into being for our next path? What will we create? Take this opportunity to dream big. Imagine there were no boundaries, what is it that we want?

The Knight of Wands brings us the adventurous energy of Sagittarius, the ‘go for it’ card. Knights are known for being able to ‘get back on their horse.’

We have air energy from the Knight and Fire energy from the Wands, do we know how to use these elements to encourage either a slow burn or the roaring flames? Know which is right for us and what we can handle. Again the future is shrouded but it is bright, maybe clarity right now would not be in our best interest. It is after all appearing when it is best for everyone and that includes us.

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