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22.04.2021 XVI The Tower

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: If we could see beyond disaster we would not be dragged down into the mental heaviness of it. These moments in life can be gifts as they assist us to move on, to grow and to learn. We do ourselves no favours holding ourselves in false realities where change is kept at arms length. It is a fact of life that change exists. We see it daily in the growth of plants and ourselves, as the ever changing evolution that is life. If we feared it less then we may move on from it in an easier energy, learning to move with it and adapt as we are called to do so. This week the cards have held a positive vibe, so, can we see a positive note in this card today? Look at the card and tell me what you see - the buildings still standing or the buildings struck by lightening? Glass half full or half empty? As much as negativity is a way of life as is positivity, it has been proven what negative energy can do to e.g. a glass of water and what positive energy can do. Which way do we want to be today? Card of the planet Mars with the energy of drive and determination or aggression and anger. We always have two choices the positive or the negative way.

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