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21.06.2020 – Nine of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: Cups energy today as we are now into Cancer Season with all its watery emotions.

Today’s card being a nine reminds us that we are almost there, ten being completion. The card of Jupiter in Pisces. Jupiter brings enthusiasm, expansion, growth and luck while Pisces shares broader purpose, reach and possibility. There is so much beautiful fluidity in this card and I hope you feel that energy with you today. An ease of being. Also feeling a bit of uniqueness of being with this today, a noticeable ‘different’. We are all uniquely different and this is more than ok, make peace with it and you as you are.

Today we have a new moon and eclipse happening at 7.41GMT this being the centre time of the eclipse which starts at 4.45 and ends at 10.34 both GMT. This adds to today’s energies of planting seeds for our future, setting our goals of what we want to achieve and keeping a focus on that goal but allowing the free flow of energy to bring it to us rather than chasing after it or defining it too rigidly.

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