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21.04.2020 – Seven of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: The word frustration has been associated with the Seven of Pentacles but in this depiction I cannot see any of that here. This is why I like to work with these cards, they assist you to be positive in your approach to life.

Today we see someone willing to wait for the right time to harvest the fruit.

We can either jump in too quick and it is not ripe, or, leave it too long and it starts to rot on the branches.

Learning the flow of a natural process and allowing it to unfold in its own time is where we need to be. We could worry about it, but does that do us any good? Does it make the fruit ripen any quicker?

Allow the fruition of that which you have tended to and put time and effort into, to be ready in its own time. For that will be the best time for more than just you.

If we carry all our eggs in one basket we could lose it all. Stagger your planting so that all the crop does not ripen at the same time. Allow the natural flow of all things.

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