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21.03.2020 – Knight of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: ‘He is dutiful, steadfast and loyal, and holds true to his word when he gives it’ – words per the Shadowscape book as part of the meaning for this card. Can you feel the focus that he has in seeing through this journey he is on? Knights are off on a quest, seeking out that which they want to find.

How sure are you currently of what you want in your life? It is a positive sign that when we feel passion for something we want to do then that is a good way to go. Allow yourself to feel where you need to be, feeling rather than thinking about it too much. Our mind has a habit of ‘thinking’ what is right for us while our heart tells us through the feelings we get.

Get excited, then engage the mind to figure out what for you right now is the best way for you to take this forward.

The Knight is unwavering in his way ahead but he will take any diversion he needs to take to ensure that he will definitely get to where he is going.

How much do you value yourself and the next journey ahead of you in this life?

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