• Patricia Jean Fleming

21.01.2020 – Ten of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: Similar to the vein of yesterday’s card today we are being asked to perceive that which we are having to struggle with, the ‘load on our back’ and to consider if it is necessary? Is this really something you need to carry around with you or are you beginning to feel, there must be a better way to live life?

Many of our troubles and strife come from self-imposed belief that this is something we have to do? Today you are being asked to re-think that. Is that a learned belief?

One born in the era of servitude that no longer has a place in this century?

How does it feel to be told, from today forward you can put yourself first?

Why should others expend your pound of flesh and sit pretty in their ivory tower? Granted, in life, there are commitments, support of others unable to do things needing our ‘help’. As for those who take advantage, I like to think their days are numbered and life will give them an awakening moment of their own. We send them love and light and are happy to disassociate ourselves from them.

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