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20.10.2020 – King of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: A visit with royalty today and the energy of authority, leadership and protection. Feeling a very singular energy with this today and directing it straight to the self, to you, to me, to each of us individually.

Where can we use some of that today? Who should have authority over you but you? Who knows you best to lead you along your path? What protection do you need and from what? Is it a real threat/hazard or a perceived risk/danger? The King of Wands is double fire energy, but do we need to fear this element or can we harness its power and use it to clear away things in our life that are not helpful to us? If you imagined all your troubles and woes packed into a rucksack/backpack, would you be able to carry that around with you all day, every day? Can we lay it aside and deal with issues one at a time when they emerge rather than worrying about them constantly? Worry does no one any good, it is a waste of your energy and an unhappy place to be. The teachings

this week are to try to move us into a happier

place, can we start to do this?

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