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20.10.2019 – I The Magician

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: We enter a three day run of major arcana cards, starting with the Magician who is ruled by the air element. Also by planet Mercury which rules both Gemini and Virgo astrology signs.

Today the planet is noted as being at the greatest elongation i.e. its greatest distance from the earth and currently to the east. You would think that this would diminish its power but I am not feeling that at all for today.

Today you may find yourself taking a first step of a new journey, launching yourself into something previously thought out but not implemented.

As Mercury is furthest east then I want to bring the energy of travelling west to you today and appropriately the direction our Magician faces in this card.

The west, home of magnificent sunsets and day ends. A feeling also of the transition of autumn here in the northern hemisphere heading into winter.

What harvests do you still have to glean, bring together before the short days of winter are with us?

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