• Patricia Jean Fleming

20.07.2020 – Ace of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: . . . and as if by magic, the previous days cards have led us to the magnificent positive energy of the Ace of Cups. Three cheers, hip, hip, hooray!

First of all let me say there is such a need to learn to celebrate our achievements. Not that they have to be big showy celebrations but even just a gentle reminder to yourself of ‘you done good’!

Is this something you currently practise? Learning to be grateful for the small things in life has a habit of growing positive energy to bring us more to be grateful for. This is the cup of Joy, it is about being open to receive. The cups signify emotions and water energy. A nice way to end the Cancer season before stepping into Leo. As much as cups are about relationships it can also be about your relationship with yourself. Do you love yourself? No, not in an egotistical way but heartfelt warmth of liking and loving who you are. When we can stand in our own power of being, our true selves, then we shine out that energy to others and show that it is all right to be us.

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