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20.05.2020 – Three of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Oh wow, how lovely is this? The happy card and on a date that adds up to the Master number 11.

With the Three of Cups card we would expect that the energy around to day would be one of blessings and celebration. A day when we should celebrate our uniqueness. Today you have the permission of the Universal Energies to be you. As ever with the proviso that you do no hurt unto others. Yes, I know of duality but sometimes it is about redressing the balance of energies and that time is now. Another day when we are guided to look within, but, the difference is one of searching for that which makes us happy. Cups are about emotions and relationships.

Talking of duality, today we step into Gemini Season. Moon Omens tell us ‘we are given a dose of fun, flight and freedom. . . There’s a power in laughing, smiling and having some fun. Even if there is chaos around.’ I did say we had the happy card so we are getting a double doze today ;-)

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