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19.11.2021 Page of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: From all the fiery energy of the past few days, today we are in receipt of both earth and water elements. It is the day when the Eclipse season begins with a powerful Lunar partial eclipse in the zodiac sign of Taurus (an earth element also). *Astro Matrix shares: ‘Powerful emotions are likely to bubble to the surface, and we may come to the realisation that our feelings about something have drastically changed, and we must honour our truth. . . ‘ Meanwhile, the Page understands that we may be needing a blast of positivity and a bit of a pep up. Card of intuitively focusing on the positive so that it will assist us with our needs today. Please know that these emotions will not be this intense forever. Card of opening our heart chakra which links us to yesterday’s message: ‘Listen to our hearts and know that ‘love is all.’

Card of new explorations. Of seeking manifestations, obvious signs of emotional or spiritual interest. Trust our intuition and the messages we receive. We are being given a gift of energy from this card on a day when we are liable to need it. Let us be open to new beginnings and to fun loving energy. Of reaching an understanding of how we need to move forward. *

Ps. Heather Eland has a nice way of summing it up when she tells us about this eclipse: ‘. . . a time when major transformations happen and fate has a way of stepping in and taking the reins.’ A day to expect the unexpected!

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