• Patricia Jean Fleming

19.07.2020 – IV The Emperor

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: Staying with the Major Arcana today we have Emperor energy. Card number four but the fifth card in the procession from Fool to Magician, High Priestess then Empress. Each card a stage of a journey unfolding for us not unlike the life cycle of a butterfly. Where are you today? The Emperor brings us the fiery, forceful energy of Aries. A wonderful follow on from The Devil who was making us aware of our negativity and fear based ways. Today we are being encouraged into making decisions and taking charge of our lives. We are all so wonderfully unique we have to find out what is right for us individually rather than ‘fit in’ with what others think ‘should be’. Are you feeling a need to know yourself better? Are you allowing yourself to do what is right for you, here, now? As long as we do not intentionally cause hurt to others while living our own lives to the best of our abilities then all should be right in our worlds. We expect the ‘pot holes’ of life but we do not have to experience gaping chasms of hurt, fear and hopelessness. We have the ability to connect with a more positive energy should we choose to do so. Are you ready?

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