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19.05.2021 Eight of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: We haven’t seen this card for a while though it used to be a regular if not in the daily readings then in the other readings I do. I call it ‘Caught up in the briar patch (while joy is within our reach).’ Kind of says it all in one sentence. We can easily lose ourselves in the drama of the moment where we do not perceive a way out, when it is nigh impossible to see that which lies ahead of us and, with this card, that future is joy. Negativity is the energy and fear is the result. Fear that is mind driven rather than the body antenna type of fear that we need to be aware of. If only we could move ourselves from that muddy patch into the sunshine that is ahead for us. Well we can, it starts with the power of positivity and a gratitude attitude. We have that control within each and every one of us; it is how we choose to use that free will that will either have us falling on the fear side or the positive side. Cup half empty or half full. Before we go to bed to sleep, a useful exercise is to rethink our day and all that we can be grateful for; only the positive concepts. If a negative one creeps in then chase it away, don’t let it in. This is the time of positivity and feel the difference of it as you allow yourself to slip into the arms of Morpheus with all these lovely thoughts to hold you in an embrace. Working with us and not against us.

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