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19.05.2019 – Five of Wands

Sunday: A repeat of the card we last had on the first of May sporting the white rabbit which is in fact a hare!

The book says: In the Five of Wands sometimes it seems the world tosses dozens of obstacles in your path.

When gathered together, these minor obstructions become and overwhelming wall to overcome,

but take heart and let the adrenaline awaken body and mind to rise to the challenge.

Answer that challenge not with despair but with renewed vigour.

Appreciate the unknown strengths that are drawn forth when faced with difficulties.

Within the conflict/strife of this card I am drawn to the glow of light which surrounds the spear the querent/seeker holds.

Stay positive and true in the knowledge that there is a greater knowledge available to us for when it is right for us to receive it.

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