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19.04.2022 Queen of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: We are in a block of powerful cards, major arcana and court cards. Queens are caring, experienced and mature. Queens are of the water element while Swords are air. This card is the counterpart of the Justice card that was with us last Thursday. This queen holds the sword of truth. Card of advocacy, counsel and knowledge. It is about bringing things into balance and for them to make sense. About being empowered and speaking our truth. It is a day of justice for us, both in being and in giving. Linked to the zodiac sign of Libra and therefore planet Venus, ruler of both Libra and Taurus. The sun moves into Taurus in a day or so. We are still under the influence of the Libra Full Moon. Venus is the planet of love and resources, of relationships and values. So we would expect justice to touch on these today. Since July 2015 in Libra we have the dwarf planet MakeMake. *The Cosmic Path advises that: ‘MakeMake is an archetype that expresses the 5D consciousness of Saturn. Where Saturn represents rules and regulations, laws and authority, politics and the fear-based struggle for power, MakeMake represents cosmic order, the divine laws of nature, the equality that exists between true authority and service, and the balance of power.' I love the 'true authority' part, we are needing justice to prevail there! We can all play our part by starting with self. *

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