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19.03.2022 Knight of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Thursday we had the Page, the next court card up is the Knight. The Knights are extreme, fast, they quest and rescue. They are in search of their suit. The suits are elements, Swords being air. Air element is analytical, deductive and logical, adventurous and exciting with powerful creative ideas and fun with it.

It relates to action, change, knowledge and power. It represents communication, intellect, language and social relationships. This Knight is all these traits and guidance. He brings us the energy of positive change opportunities. All four Knights are of the air element and this one has double air being in the suit of Swords. This is the quest for higher, deeper, intrinsic knowledge with a warriors energy seeking to conquest this search. We are seeking clarity for we are ready to move forward, to grow, to become more.

With the energy of full moon we are asked to release anything that no longer serves us, make way for the new. A day to move ourselves ahead or redirect our course to find a better direction. We can also sit, go within, and ask for a sign, a direction to come to us, rather than push ourselves into the unknown. With double air element today we will find it easier to take a leap of faith if we are ready to take it. Trust in the unknown. Sometimes it takes us to a different direction first but that then leads us to a better place to be. It is not always the time or place to travel direct to it. For instance, when we come to the edge of a cliff we do not jump off unless we have a hang glider or a parachute to assist us.

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