• Patricia Jean Fleming

18.07.2020 – XV The Devil

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: You know, I don’t think I had read this card till last week having been reading and posting these cards for well over a year now, and, today, we have the return of the Devil card. Can’t remember if I said last time but as with the Death card we don’t have to be concerned and see it as a negative thing; as with all aspects of life. Today he shows up again. He seems to be appearing in a few of the Tarot readers online of late too. So, why is he here and what is the guidance that he needs to share? First, he is Major Arcana, so he is bringing a stronger message than that of the Minor cards. He is associated with the grounded energy of Capricorn. He can represent a time to let go of fear and move ourselves towards freedom. A time of emancipation and embracing of a new way of being. Many things are happening to us that have been totally out with our control. We can choose to see these through fear or trust that something better will come from any uncomfortableness we may suffer/have suffered. What is worse for us is to allow suffering to become part of our way of living life. Time to dance to our own tune.

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