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18.06.2020 – XI Justice

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: Stepping back into Major Arcana energy today and the heavy hitting card of Justice. Associated with the sun sign of Libra and its attributes of balance and harmony. This card is stronger again in its having the number 11, a master number as in numerology.

As linked with this card I see the 11 as the pillars of justice. It is the number of consciousness and awareness.

The Shadowscape Companion Book tells us . . .’She judges not with her own bias or with grays of maybes, but in terms of stark black and white. Things are as they are – fair, impartial and right. And there is a balance that is achieved when true justice has been meted out, an evening-out of what was not settled correctly.’

Sometimes it can take time for Justice to prevail and that can be a difficult journey to be part of. Therein however, we do not always see the intricacies of all that that entails. This is when we are called on to stand in our own truth and trust that it will ultimately ‘have its day.’ Never lose faith, your energy could be the catalyst that tips the scales in the right direction!

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