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18.03.2022 Four of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: I always associate this card with Gollum in The Lord of the Rings. ‘My precious!’ Gollum was fixated with the ring more than in loving someone. The path of the cards this last wee while have asked us to stand into our own power, not through the ego mind like Gollum, but to drop into the heart and ask what would love do. The four of pentacles is about making us aware of holding onto things, including hurts and wounds. Card that makes us aware of anxiety, of a clinging energy and of disappointment. Sometimes known as the Little Devil, it highlights the destructive energy of possessiveness. As a four, it is calling us to foundation, stability and structure, of safety and security. It highlights stagnation, of placing our focus in the wrong direction. Card of the Sun in Capricorn which encourages us to have a grounded approach to life today. We have the Full Moon at 07:18 GMT, the Worm Moon, called this as it is now the land in the Northern Hemisphere starts to warm up which stirs the earth worms to become more active again. More earth energy! I am feeling the message once more to stay in our own truth. The only real truth we can know is our own. Let us hold onto the energy of that, of the light and the love that we know exists among many of humanity on Mother Earth today. Astrologist Pam Gregory asks us to ‘stay in love, stay in gratitude, stay in appreciation and stay in joy, as this adds the bricks and mortar. We are building more form, more substance, to create this timeline more solidly by being in empowered mode through the heart.’ We could be like Gollum but that only serves self, let us open our hearts to mankind and the new earth that is growing around us now.

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