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18.03.2019 – XVI The Tower

Monday: Recently I have been reading ‘Highlights From A Course of Love’ compiled by Paula Payne Hardin. The last item in Chapter one notes ‘Love or fear is your reality by your choice’.

In looking at this card (as with the Death card) you may be drawn to conclude it is all about ‘doom and gloom’. A lightning strike topples the tower setting fire to it.

What lofty ideas are overshadowing the beauty of your life on another level? E.g. the need to ‘keep up with the Joneses’. Or, indeed, what fear are you carrying in your psyche that holds you apart from the ‘joy of life’.

Today’s date carries the numerology of the master number 33 – a very nurturing and responsible number. Are you being responsible for the way you are living your life, can you learn to move out of fear and into love?

Of course we are not talking about the Mills & Boon or Hollywood depiction of love but about the deeper and eternal ‘love is all’.

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