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17.12.2020 Queen of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Thursday: Staying with Cups energy we receive a visit today from the Queen. Thank you your majesty ;-) This lady is more than welcome to spend some time with us. She is of water energy as is the cups and linked to the sun sign of cancer. Are we finding that we are beginning to look at things in a different way? Finally realised where we need to place our energy and attention; what not to pay heed too. There is an energy of maternal care with this card and finding our happy place away from the challenges of the external world. She is caring, kind and intuitive as well as experienced and mature. We would do well to let this be our energy today. But not just today, we are being guided to let this be our way from now onwards as in the continuum sign wrapping itself around her. She steps forward with confidence even though she cannot see the path before her – can we do that now? The turtles are there to support her. Let us find that confidence in others around us and trust that all will be well.

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