• Patricia Jean Fleming

17.11.2019 – Four of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: The ‘letting go’ card or rather the realisation that there is one last sword (thing) that you are still holding onto.

It is acting today like an anchor, weighing you down. Maybe you need this grounding energy, only you can tell. But, are you being true to yourself, telling yourself a repeated way of being or, really and truly knowing that this is something you need to hold onto?

I am reminded of the saying ‘there are no pockets in a shroud’. What we take out of this world is as naked as the day we are born.

All the answers, all the learning is within us – not external. Allow yourself to go deep within yourself today and question what it is that makes you hold onto a sword while the approaching energy is the dove of peace and love.

Some battles don’t need to be fought, they need love imbued into them.

Can you find that energy within yourself today that makes all things okay Like a kissed knee when we were a child and had a fall, it always chased away the tears.

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