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17.09.2021 XX Judgement

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Friday: We move into Major Arcana energy for the next two days. Today we are being asked to practice compassion and try and see the other persons point of view.

A day to keep our emotions in balance.

A day to lessen stress in our lives instead of adding to it. The duality of this card can be about letting go or in giving others another chance. Forgive where we can, forgive and step into our light. Allow ourselves to move on. We may have decisions to make and our decisions may have consequences, there will be no going back from the decision so make it well. This card is sometimes knows as The Wake Up Call. Is it speaking to you today? A card of releasing what no longer serves us, of final decisions or second chances. Card of the planet Pluto and the fire element. Pluto is currently retrograde in Capricorn stationing direct fifth October. Pluto is of the energy of transforming, of evolution, rebirth and renewal. Ruler of Sun sign Scorpio. Having faith and an optimistic outlook would be good for us today. A day to remember that one persons views is theirs and we have to use discernment in allowing them to voice their opinion. It is not for us to judge. We can hold our own views. The fire element of this card brings us creativity, enthusiasm and passion, opportunities and will. Let us use it wisely.

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