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17.07.2021 I The Magician

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Saturday: From the 12th through to the 23rd, we are in the magical season of meteor showers. *higherself portal shares: ‘Meteor showers asks us all to tap into our own inner compass. To see beyond what our normal senses may express to us and tap into a reality that’s only visible when we believe in it, trust in it, and use it to have our greatest experience and thus teaching others to do the same as well. You can only be the light, when you become the candle. By being the example of what true faith and love is and sharing it.’

The Magician is number one card of the major arcana. One can be seen as the capital I; about the self. We are the magicians of our own being. We have a great and unused capacity within us that we can harness if we can allow ourselves that journey into self which is not the ego self but the heart self. The ego has its uses but first we have to stop it from controlling us and find a mutually agreeable balance of being at one with our total self. We have all the means at hand to create and manifest our desires, we are our own magician. The Magician holds all of the four elements ie air, earth, fire and water. Let us not limit ourselves to our five senses, this is a time of expansion and finding our inner knowing, our intuition which is as unique and personal to us as our human self is. A day of finding unity of self.


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