• Patricia Jean Fleming

17.07.2020 – Knight of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: A day visit back to a Royal card. Today we have the grounded energy of the Pentacles with the Air energy of the Knight. It might be a ‘bit of a ride’ today but you are the one in control of the reins. A day for industrious creativity and planning, inventiveness, innovation and an amount of adventure thrown in for good measure.

Are you ready to embrace the journey? If we don’t ‘hop on board’ then we don’t go anywhere. Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned but if we don’t try we sure won’t be going anywhere.

Rather than jumping on a ‘bucking bronco’ how about doing some work to coax it into giving you an easier ‘saddle’. Amazing what can be achieved with a little ‘horse whispering’ techniques. Riding roughshod over someone in your path will not be helpful to anyone. Dump some of that masculine bravado energy and try and be nice, simple as that, try telling the truth, say it how it is.

If you decide to take the bucking bronco route then be sure to wear a hard hat!

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