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17.05.2019 – XII The Hanged Man (Reversed)

Friday: Not just reversed - the card was turned around also!

In the book it talks about letting things be as they need to be, relaxing the grip [e.g. on the cards] and allowing the greater story to be told.

In the book it talks about: draw(ing) the mind into that place of deep meditation where thought becomes action and where the stillness speaks with the voices of the gods… The Hanged Man makes his choice of self-sacrifice. He goes willingly to his fate, unhinges his grip on control, and endures for the sake of the rewards such knowing and sacrifice may bring.

What is turning not just around but upside down in your life today?

Or is today the day you need to turn yourself around to take a different view of it?

Whichever it is, the answer lies in trusting that the right outcome can be achieved without any ‘meddlesome’ intervention on your part.

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