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17.04.2021 Six of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: Six, the number or problem solving, communication and equilibrium – balance and harmony. Have we been working on lifting ourselves out of the ‘doom and gloom’? Have we found a change in our circumstances in employing the attitude of gratitude and positivity? Are we allowing ourselves to dream and be lifted out of the troubles of the past and set down on a new pathway? Can we see a clear path ahead now with the obstacles removed? Or is it that we have changed the way we think? Are the blocks of the past now being seen as possible opportunities for things to come to us – things that we rushed past before and didn’t even know existed? A card of life transitions, moving home, new goal, new job or a new vision. This card is linked to the planet Mercury in the Sun sign of Aquarius. Mercury the planet of communication, logic and philosophy in the energy of the new age of Aquarius and the equality and individuality that brings to us. Be in our own power today while staying aware that others may not be travelling the same path as we do. Allow them to be as we would want them to allow us to be.

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