• Patricia Jean Fleming

17.04.2020 – Knight of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: Emotions may cloud your perceptions. Expect change. The cups are about our relationships but of course that can be more than romance. We have many different types of relationships in life, including with ourselves. How are you currently treating yourself?

In difficult times we can easily put our own needs behind the needs of others. I am reminded of the oxygen mask analogy, you first, then you are in the best place to help another.

The Knight as depicted in the card today has his eyes on the prize and nothing is stopping him charging in to get what he wants. He has employed the assistance of the Unicorn when he needed Pegasus to fly him up out of the waves to where the cup awaits him. Sometimes we charge in without giving enough consideration to a situation only having our own goal in mind rather than the best outcome for all concerned. Let us always start with the self but not overlook the needs of others and be the best that we can be to then assist them in whatever way is required of us.

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