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  • Patricia Jean Fleming

17.04.2019 – Page of Cups

Wednesday: Take time out today to allow whatever is brewing to come to you rather than expending energy chasing after it.

If you want to put any energy into it then use your time to get clear in your knowing about what it is you want to see in your future or as the result of anything that is currently troubling you.

When we get caught up in challenging moments it can be difficult to watch life going on around us with no care to our worries– but it surely does continue regardless.

Do not lose yourself in depths of despair or negative thinking. Turn it around into seeing a positive outcome to your thoughts or wants.

A great place to start is in giving gratitude for all the things you have in this life like a roof over your head, food on the table and for the clothes on your back.

Harness the positive energy of gratitude.

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