• Patricia Jean Fleming

17.03.2019 – King of Wands

Sunday: Another exciting card this week. He stands in the energy of the strength of the lion.

He is in command, control of the energy’s weaving from him and around him.

He wears a seven pointed antler that speaks of his connection to ‘the other world’ outside of ‘known’ humanity.

Seven speaks of knowledge of ‘soul’s purpose’.

Do you know why you are here and what you are here to do (this time round)?

There is much energy around right now from the position of the planets to help you realise your ‘raison d’être’ (reason for being).

What is calling to you, are you listening or choosing to ignore the stirring of something major trying to guide you to where would be best for you to be and what would be good for you (and others) to be doing right now?

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