• Patricia Jean Fleming

16.09.2021 Four of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Thursday: Fours speak to us of foundation, stability and structure. Of safety and security. Possibly stagnation.

A day to reflect on how to move forward from past hurts. Of getting clarity, or a day of rest, recovery and renewal.

There is a need for balance, a greater need for harmony and success in relationships. A time to move forward after reflection. Of re-planning energy and seeing the way forward.

When I look at this card I also feel that we have moved the three swords but are finding it difficult to move the last one, holding onto it and yet it no longer serves. It is time to put down all swords.

Card of the lucky planet Jupiter in the balance sign of Libra. We do not try to keep all things in balance all of the time for this would be a very boring existence. But, we are reminded by the scales of justice that if we have allowed them to stay too long in one direction then some balancing is required. Swinging back and forward is as uncomfortable as being constantly in balance. Let us find ourselves in the right the balance for us today. Jupiter is currently in the fellow air sign of Aquarius adding to this energy today. Air element brings us justice and truth while Jupiter brings us abundance, expansion and growth.

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