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16.07.2021 Queen of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: Our second and final royal card this week brings queen energy of caring, experience and maturity. Also, confidence, courage and determination as in taking the lead. She channels her power towards success in her life. She is a warrior queen to bring fulfilment. Associated with the developmental stage of creativity or work before achieving success. She is about taking action on her intuition. So, today again, we are asked to feel into our intuition and use it for our benefit. Take the time we need to do this. Only we know the truth of ourselves and now is the time to search within for that energy so we can use it to assist us going forward. The Shadowscapes Companion shares: . . . ‘Her presence exudes confidence and the knowledge that she can handle anything and anyone. It is not arrogance but a simple understanding and truthful assessment of her skills and abilities.’ Queens are of the element of water while Wands are of fire. If we mix fire with water we can have steam which propels and water over fire retards. How creative in work or play can we be in turning things around and making them work for us? How will we play our tunes? Molly McCord advises that ‘Chiron stations retrograde at nearly 13 degrees Aries on July 15, which may trigger a new part of your self-identity that you’re meeting for the first time. Venus and Mars travel together in Leo until July 16

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